Umbraco 8 End-of-Life Approaching

Umbraco 8 End-of-Life Approaching

As we approach the End-of-Life (EOL) date for Umbraco 8 on February 24, 2025, after this date, Umbraco 8 will no longer receive regular security patches or updates, posing potential security and compliance risks for sites still using this version.

To support customers and ensure continued security and compliance, Umbraco are introducing Extended Long-Term Support (XLTS) for Umbraco 8. This program offers a solution for clients needing more time to plan their migration or rebuild while staying protected and compliant. The Key benefits of the XLTS program include:

  • Compliance after EOL: Ensuring your site remains compliant with industry standards.

  • Access to Security Patches: Security updates will continue to protect against any vulnerabilities.

  • Extended Planning Time: Additional time is provided for you to plan and us to build your upgrade or replacement

The advantage of choosing XLTS for enterprises, high-compliance industries, and public sector organisations, is that XLTS offers a secure path forward post Umbraco 8 EOL (End Of Life). Maintaining compliance and security can avoid potential risks and disruptions.

Please get in touch if you are looking for a certified Umbraco partner. Talking to us is free, and security for your site is priceless. 

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