IPFingerprint vs Lead Forensics – A Good Alternative?

IPFingerprint vs Lead Forensics – A Good Alternative?

Virtualnet Software developed the platform IPFingerprint.com a tool that identifies business visitors that look at websites. Its main competitor is Lead Forensics a very similar service. 

“What’s the difference between IPFingerprint and Lead Forensics?” – This is a question we’ve been asked hundreds of times, so we thought we’d answer it with a concise article that will, hopefully, answer any questions you may have.

At a glance, IPFingerprint and Lead Forensics are very similar products. We both identify which companies are looking at your website, we both provide you with the contact details for these companies, we both tell you which pages these companies looked at and we both offer email alerts (these are short emails that are sent to you when a company visits your website. We also send an alert out every 24 hours listing the companies who visited your website over the previous 24 hours). So what is the real difference and what makes IPFingerprint a great alternative to Lead Forensics? Well:

 - Our monthly fees are generally lower than Lead Forensics. Most people who come to IPFingerprint after trialling Lead Forensics find our pricing structure extremely competitive
 - We can offer month-on-month or 12-month contracts. In the event of you wanting to cancel your IPFingerprint subscription, simply give us 30 days’ notice
 - Regular Webinars – we run regular webinars to show you tips, tricks, shortcuts and ideas on how to effectively generate more leads and opportunities for your organisation. We have engaged top LinkedIn Experts to help you use LinkedIn to easily find and contact the right person to engage with from our data.
 - CRM Integration – IPFingerprint fully integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho and all major CRM solutions. No need to download your leads from IPFingerprint and manually upload them into your CRM, when a lead comes in on IPFingerprint, the lead will automatically appear on your CRM Platform
 - 14-day free trial – we give you unrestricted access to our software during a 14 day free trial. We want to make sure not only that the data is useful, but that you CAN make use of it – not lock you into an arrangement when you have not had a chance to test the service fully first!

If you’re currently running a free trial of Lead Forensics, or if you have used them in the past and are looking for an alternative solution, we’d be more than happy to run a free trial of IPFingerprint on your website. Take a FREE TRIAL or CONTACT US FOR A DEMO.


What our clients say…

“We carried out extensive side-by-side tests involving several services before deciding to go for IPFingerprint. Our parallel trials revealed that the data provided by IPFingerprint is the most accurate (almost 30% more accurate than that supplied by the market leader for the trial period), while the pricing structure is also much more competitive. Being able to go for a pay-monthly agreement was a decisive factor too, especially since we hadn’t used such a system before and were not sure of the ROI it could potentially deliver for us.

IPFingerprint has worked well and provided our sales support and telesales team valuable data and multiple leads which we have followed through on. We’re happy with our choice and hope to fully leverage the service’s extensive functionality in the future.“

Alex Vochin
Web Content Editor | Tensor Plc