Legacy Software

Keep Applications Investments Protected.

Part of the value of business applications is in their longevity and long-term ROI. Just because it’s no longer the latest, shiniest, trendiest, doesn’t mean it’s no longer fit-for-purpose. Maybe you have lost your existing provider or fallen out with them but need a reliable new partner to take over the existing software and continue to support its security and maintenance.

Virtualnet can support your existing bespoke software that has been developed and maintain it until you are ready to redevelop

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Why Legacy Software Development?

It’s easy to overspend on replacing legacy business applications. Often, your legacy systems just need the right care and attention to keep them delivering adaptively to new and emerging needs.

Identifying when that’s the case means knowing what opinions you have to renew and revive your business systems. A quick consultation, perhaps with us, can go a long way.

Why Virtualnet for Legacy Software Development?

Identifying when to develop or replace requires expert opinion to map out your options. Partner with us, and we’ll squeeze every ounce of value from your legacy applications.

We’ll also help you time legacy platform replacement right by advising when your systems have truly had their day. Up to that moment, we’ll monitor application performance, maintain code integrity for security, take care of backups and compatibility upgrades, while ensuring transparency on the status of every action we take.

In doing so, your applications will sustain optimal performance and longevity until they’ve reached the end of the line.

We can also further develop and adapt your legacy systems to align with operational and strategic changes.

We can support most web technologies and languages. Our specialism is utilising the Microsoft tech stack and associated languages and platforms.