Legacy Software

We can support you with the ongoing maintenance, development and upgrades of your legacy software or system.

2020/21 has been a difficult period for many businesses. We have been able to weather the storm through having a good diversity of clients and a great team here at Virtualnet.

We do see a need right now as we exit lockdown and head for a new normality, to support new clients with their existing software and web solutions. We can monitor, maintain and upgrade existing software and web applications and solutions. We can upgrade these to keep pace with changing requirements of your organisation.

We can support business with legacy systems built previously. Monitoring performance and ensuring the underlying code is maintained and updated for security reasons, as languages change and new security threats are identified. It is very important to undertake compatibility upgrades for integrations to ensure continued smooth running and efficiency of your legacy system. We can even further develop your legacy system, adding new functionality to ensure it continues to meet the changing needs of your organisation.

We support most web technologies and languages, though our speciality is utilising the Microsoft technology stack and associated languages and platforms.

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